Movie trailer and presentation - Dinner for Schmucks

Here is the American trailer of a film which French version was the famous "Dîner de Cons". 

The American version is called " Dinner for Schmucks", nearly the exact translation for the French title. 

The Beatles - The Fool on the Hill

The Fool on the Hill 

Listen and sing that beautiful song written by the singer 

songwriter Paul McCartney on the album Magical Mystery 

Tour in 1967. 

Your parents and grand parents will problably enjoy it too ! 


The Life of Pi

 Click on the link and answer the quiz about the film.

Then, submit your answers. 

How much do you score? Pretty difficult ! 


America in the 1960s

Please find below an additional document taken from CBS News presenting some important aspects of American culture in the 1960s. 

Note how some darker aspects are totally wiped out by the journalists !