Stevie Wonder's I just called ... - 6°

Hello :))
click on the link and sing along with Stevie Wonder.
1 - Stevie Wonder on stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxoBaEQGMPo
2 - Karaoke version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqfSXkVH9ac
Ms Dubail ; teacher


Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles - 6°

Let's sing along on this famous tune !
Learn and have fun!
Ms Dubail ; teacher


The Alphabet Rap - 6°

Welcome to our freshers!
En effet, bienvenue à vous tous, voici un lien pour vous exercer sur The Alphabet Rap. Retrouvez la vidéo et l'enregistrement étudiés en classe.
Have fun!

Ms Dubail - teacher


Supersize Me - The End - chapter 9 - 3°

Ok now ... here are the results of Spurlock's experimentation on his own body !! Do you still want to stuff yourself with fast food !!
Ms Dubail ; teacher

Supersize Me - Opening Chapter - 3°

Here is the second video with studied in class: the opening chapter of the film Supersize Me by M. Spurlock. Remember the song :)) !
Enjoy and have a second helping with the next video !!

Ms Dubail ; teacher

Film "Supersize Me" A best of ... une mise en bouche! 3°

Hello folks!
Here is the first video we've watched about the film "Supersize Me" by Morgan Spurlock. It is entitled A Best Of and is made with selected passages taken from the film. Enjoy!!
Ms Dubail, teacher